Minnesota bean farmers trust Green Valley Bean

Farmers in Minnesota know that when they work with Green Valley Bean, they are receiving the very best processes for their beans. Our farmers have the very best soil and growing conditions anywhere in the world for red beans. We respect our growers, and work closely with every farmer, to ensure that each part of the bean process is a success. From the correct premium seed to growing and harvesting practices, we provide the best sustainable farming end product solutions to our farmers. We believe that the highest quality standards are achieved when our relationship with our growers is one of trust, honesty, quality and integrity. We make certain that we grade every yield fairly, and understand all the varied issues that arise regarding weather and growing conditions. We work with you through each step of the dark and light red kidney bean process, supporting the investment you make in your quality bean growth.

Please know you are the best resource for sourcing the best beans! We take pride in supplying your hard work – from farm to fork.

In our commitment to our farmers, we can guarantee that your beans are the highest quality to reach the consumer- We have many processors that purchase your beans, allowing for the best prices for you. How can we support your progress this growing season? Call Green Valley Bean and let us partner in your success.




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