Our name is our trusted reputation, and with long term relationships with our global customers they know that we guarantee fast, cost effective shipping and the highest quality beans available.

How We Grow the Best Beans

Green Valley Bean specializes in providing superior quality red beans to people around the world- from our skilled and reliable farmers, throughout our specialized processing and our care in shipping to a global market- customers are assured that our experience and commitment to the entire bean process makes Green Valley Bean the name that you can trust.

Grown in the heart of Minnesota’s rich farmland, our beans are the best in the world when it comes to superb flavor and consistent quality. Minnesota boasts the very best soil conditions for bean growth- with rich farm land, consistent growing seasons and perfect moisture and weather conditions.

Our growers are the best in the world and have expert knowledge in all phases of the bean farm process- throughout seeding, growing and harvesting. Under our watchful eye and with careful planning, we work with our farmers to provide the very best in farm support to grow our premium beans.

Modern Care in Bean Processing

We use specialized modern technology in our processing equipment that ensures the careful processing and quality control of our beans. This equipment prevents bean handling damage and allows us to package our beans to fill all customer orders efficiently and consistently.

Thank you for being a valuable part of Green Valley Bean.

Green Valley Bean is the trusted name in Customer Service around the World.
Our decades of experience in providing worldwide customers a quality supply of beans makes us the leader in superior bean production. We ship dark red kidney beans, light red kidney beans and white beans. Our packaging comes in 50 or 100lb bags, 2000 lbs totes, and special order bulk shipments to suit your needs. Our team works directly with customers to ensure all bean orders are exact, and your experience in purchasing our beans is the best in the business.




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