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Number Of Years We've Been Serving Excellence

Green Valley Bean was established in 1991, becoming part of our family of specialty bean companies in 2005. Our beans are grown in the heart of Minnesota, the best place to grow the world’s most flavorful beans. We operate on the philosophy of quality beans from farm to fork.

You can feel good about serving our healthy beans to your family- a wholesome and nutritious part of your family’s life!


Expert knowledge of the flow of food from the bean seed to your plate is important to producing high quality and safe food.

Careful Crop production and proper farm management make Green Valley Bean leaders in quality bean production, with Minnesota being one of the most fertile bean growing environments in the world. We use technology and modern equipment in our harvesting processes, ensuring that the land and the beans are properly managed.

We oversee our beans with careful controls- from seed germination, to growth and flowering of bean plants, all while supporting our farmers. Each step is critical in producing fine bean products. As the leaves dry and fall, and the bean pod is ready for harvest in late summer and early fall, we harvest our beans at just the right stage, and transport them into storage for special processing.

Our Specialized Processing

At the Green Valley Bean processing center, our red beans are thoroughly cleaned and carefully checked for foreign materials, broken beans and variety of bean colorings. We use special technology to sort by color and shape of our beans. We utilize gravity separators, sifters, sieves and de-stoners to ensure the beans are very carefully scrutinized for consistency and quality.

Our bean elevators will condition the bean for further processing or packaging in preparation to go to the bean company for further processing and eventual sales to the consumer marketplace. This is a careful step to prepare beans for such things as the consumer would later receive, such as: packaged dry beans, potential canned beans and bean flours. Our equipment is always the latest technology and best quality to provide the best bean processing available. We work diligently to ensure that only the highest quality beans will reach your table. We are proud to provide bulk dark red and light red kidney beans, as well as white beans.

At Green Valley Bean, we are a quality supplier of beans-our farm to fork processes, and the excellence of Minnesota growing conditions set the worldwide standard for kidney beans.




Address: 58473 State Hwy 34 Park Rapids, MN 56470

Phone: (218) 573 - 3400

Email: info@greenvalleybean.com

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm